Improving the engineering infrastructure development in the area of Marine Industries, Oil and Gas Sector, Civil Construction and Agricultural


Work With Us

We offer hands-on experience of oil and gas plant products operation and services, troubleshooting and optimisation techniques in hardware and industrial safety which we apply to all areas of our business and marine services and products equipment in various supports


Our Belief

It is our belief to provide our services competently while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality. As such, we aim to be a specialist that any clients can rely upon, in‐line with the market demand.

Our long term success will depend on working to ensure the safety of our workers, customers to our operations, the public who will facilitate our infra development and our reliability of our assets and main equipment.


The qualities of our staffs are knowledgeable, strong team player, hard work and above all are responsible


We continuously endeavor in upgrading our equipment’s, facilities and our technical skills


Securing and maintaining reliable sources of supplies, and strong support from our vast network of suppliers to meet any urgent demand from any project site